WebSphere MQ / IIB Broker

mqsistop BROKER01
endmqm QueueManager01
mqsistart BROKER01
mqsilist BROKER01
q -QueueManager_name -MQServer1 > nomeFila_data.out
q -QueueManager_name -MQServer1 -q   

Backup Queue
q -QueueManager_name -MQServer1 > nomeFila_data.out

Clear Queue
q -QueueManager_name -MQServer1 -q


ps -ef |grep bip
ps -ef |grep DataFlow
# Clean Shared Memory
ipcs -a |grep wbi
m 70254597 0xffffffff D-rw——- wbiadmin mqm wbiadmin mqm 1 393216000 13959340 14811306 12:09:50 18:19:12 12:09:50
m 8388616 0xffffffff D-rw——- wbiadmin mqm wbiadmin mqm 1 268435456 10551476 10551476 18:19:13 no-entry 18:19:13
ipcrm -s 70254597 8388616

[Username@machine ~]$ mqsistop BROKER01
BIP8071I: Successful command completion.

[Username@machine ~]$ mqsilist
BIP1285I: Broker ‘BROKER01’ on queue manager ‘QueueManager01’ is stopped.
BIP8071I: Successful command completion.

Sudo to user mqm ( sudo su – mqm )

Issue stop command on QM QueueManager01 and check if MQ stoped

[mqm@machine ~]$ endmqm QueueManager01
Quiesce request accepted. The queue manager will stop when all outstanding work is complete.

[mqm@machine ~]$ dspmq
QMNAME(QueueManager01) STATUS(Ended normally)


Issue start command on QM QueueManager01 and check if MQ started

[mqm@machine ~]$ strmqm QueueManager01
WebSphere MQ queue manager ‘QueueManager01’ starting.
The queue manager is associated with installation ‘Installation1’.

5 log records accessed on queue manager ‘QueueManager01’ during the log replay phase.
Log replay for queue manager ‘QueueManager01’ complete.
Transaction manager state recovered for queue manager ‘QueueManager01’.
WebSphere MQ queue manager ‘QueueManager01’ started using V7.5.0.5.

[mqm@machine ~]$ dspmq
QMNAME(QueueManager01) STATUS(Running)
Issue start command on broker BROKER01 and check if broker all EGs are running
Stop Command: mqsistart BROKER01
Check Command : mqsilist BROKER01

-bash-4.1$ mqsistart BROKER01
BIP8096I: Successful command initiation, check the system log to ensure that the component started without problem and that it continues to run without problem.

-bash-4.1$ mqsilist BROKER01

BIP1286I: Execution group ‘default’ on broker ‘BROKER01’ is running.


BIP1286I: Execution group ‘eg2’ on broker ‘BROKER01’ is running.
BIP8071I: Successful command completion.


Start integration servers, applications, and message flows:

$ mqsistartmsgflow BROKER01 -e eg01

Start a named message flow that you have deployed to integration server on the broker BROKER01:

$ mqsistartmsgflow BROKER01 -e eg1 -m simpleflow

Ensure that all message flows are running on the local broker BROKER01:

$ mqsistartmsgflow BROKER01 -g -j

Start the message flow myFlow1 in the application myApplication in the default integration server:

$ mqsistartmsgflow BROKER01 -e default -k myApplication -m myFlow1

Start the message flow myFlow1 in the library myLibrary, which is referenced by the application myApplication, in the default integration server:

$ mqsistartmsgflow BROKER01 -e default -k myApplication -y myLibrary -m myFlow1

Start all message flows and start all applications in the default integration server:

$ mqsistartmsgflow BROKER01 -e default -z -j




Tool Name




MA01: WebSphere MQ – Q program

This SupportPac contains a simple pipe line program (Q) which takes messages from one source and outputs to a target.



MA0T: WebSphere MQ – Message Test Utility

MsgTest is a command line based program that provides the ability to execute scripts that simulate the flow of messages between applications that use IBM Websphere MQ (WMQ).



MA6O WMQ UNIX Administration Tool

This freeware tool allows the use of extended regular expressions to match not only the name objects but also their attributes. It is very flexible with regard to error logging, is robust and provides a suitable return code at a user defined timeout – regardless of the state of the system resources. It supports remote administration (including z/OS) almost as if the remote queue managers were on the local system.



MA7K – WMQ Trigger monitor service

This SupportPac provides a trigger monitor (TM) which runs as a Windows service and is linked with the WebSphere MQ client library. This program is designed to be run only by the Windows service control manager (SCM) and reports its status to the Windows event log.



MO04 WMQ SSL Wizard

The WebSphere MQ SSL Wizard takes input in series of entry panels and then generates a set of instructions to enable the user to define and start a TLS/SSL channel. The instructions generated include both the platform specific commands for creating the certificates (e.g. using RACF or GSKit) and the MQSC commands used to define and start the WebSphere MQ channel.



MH04-WMQ – Queue Statistics Tool

The tools provided in this SupportPac display several queue statistics as well as information about applications using that one or more queues. All the statistics and information can be displayed on a set interval and optionally recorded to a file.



MH05-WMQ – Events Display Tool

The tool provided in this SupportPac reads, interprets and displays WebSphere MQ events generated on the SYSTEM.ADMIN.*.EVENT event queues. The output can be optionally re-directed to a file and the tool may be triggered by WebSphere MQ if required. All event messages are supported.



MO01 Event and Dead Letter Queue Monitor

This SupportPac contains three utilities; an event queue monitor, a dead letter queue monitor, and a program to remove expired messages.



MO03 – WMQ Queue Load / Unload Utility

The WebSphere MQ Queue Load / Unload Utility allows the user to copy or move the contents of a queue, its messages, to a file. This file can be saved away as required and used at some later point to reload the messages back onto the queue. This file has a specific format understood by the utility, but is human-readable, so that it can be updated in an editor before being reloaded.



MO73 WMQ Linear Log Clean Up Utility

WebSphere MQ Linear Log Clean up utility for Windows platform. This utility is developed in VB Script and hence does not call for any special software (such as Perl or Java).



MO74 -WMQ – Windows Powershell Library

PowerShell is an extensible command line interface shell and scripting language product developed by Microsoft. This SupportPac contains a library which allows for command-line and script-basedadministration of WebSphere MQ queue managers from the PowerShell.



MS0P -WMQ Explorer

This SupportPac provides a set of plug-ins for the WebSphere MQ Explorer, extending its capabilities for configuration of queue managers, and displaying additional information about those queue managers.



MS6B – WMQ Connection Management Utility

This SupportPac provides a korn shell script to list and/or kill all connections to a queue manager by queue, channel, or IP address



MS81-WMQ Internet Pass-Thru

WebSphere MQ Internet Pass-Thru (known as MQIPT) is a WebSphere MQ base product extension that can be used to implement messaging solutions between remote sites across the internet.

It makes the passage of WebSphere MQ channel protocols in to and out of a firewall simpler and more manageable, by tunnelling the protocols inside HTTP or by acting as a proxy.

15 MQTools MQTools is a package of utilities designed to help WebSphere MQ Administrators carry out their jobs more easily and efficiently across UNIX platforms. The package has three goals: http://wmq.boulder.ibm.com/mqtools/about.html

IBM Integration Bus


Tool Name




IS03 – WMB Message Flow Statistics Visualiser

SupportPac IS03 provides a graphical means of viewing WebSphere Message Broker message flow statistics. The visualisation has the ‘look and feel’ of the WebSphere Message Broker Toolkit and allows the user to rapidly view the all available statistics in an intuitive manner. Both SnapShot and Archive statistics can be viewed using IS03 and it is highly configurable to enable the graphing of exactly the statistics which the user is interested in seeing.



IS02- WMB Explorer Plug-in

This SupportPac plug-in enhances the WebSphere MQ Explorer with the ability to administer a WebSphere Message Broker network.



IE02- IBM Integration Bus – ODBC Database Extender

This SupportPac increases the range of databases supported by IBM Integration Bus and WebSphere Message Broker.

The SupportPac provides binaries for use with WebSphere Message Broker v7.0.0.2, WebSphere Message Broker v8.0 and IBM Integration Bus v9.0.



IH03 – WMB Message display, test & performance utilities

This SupportPac contains a utility that is useful for the development and testing of WebSphere MQ and IBM Integration Bus or WebSphere Message Broker applications. Test messages are stored as files, which are then read by the application and written to a WebSphere MQ queue. The program is GUI based.


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