Node-red on raspberry:

# bash <(curl -sL

$ update-nodejs-and-nodered

This script will remove any pre-installed versions of node.js and Node-RED
and replace them with node.js 6.x LTS (boron) and the latest Node-RED from Npm.
To do this it runs commands as root – please satisfy yourself that this will
not damage your Pi, or otherwise compromise your configuration.

Doing this may also be 'a bad thing' if you have installed lots of extra nodes.
Especially if they have any native binary component. Some nodes in your
~/.node-red directory will probably need to be re-installed afterwards, some
may need you to run npm update, and some may require you to run npm rebuild.

Are you really sure you want to do this ? (y/N) ? y

Running for user pi at /home/pi

This can take 20-30 minutes on a Pi 1 – please wait.

Stop Node-RED ✔
Remove old version of Node-RED ✔
Using N to manage node.js +
Update node.js LTS ✔ Node v8.9.1 Npm 5.5.1
Clean npm cache ✔
Install Node-RED core ✔ 0.17.5
Install extra nodes ✔
Install serialport node ✔
Npm rebuild existing nodes ✔
Add menu shortcut ✔
Update systemd script ✔
Update update script ✔

Any errors will be logged to /var/log/nodered-install.log

All done.
You can now start Node-RED with the command node-red-start
or using the icon under Menu / Programming / Node-RED
Then point your browser to localhost:1880 or http://{your_pi_ip-address}:1880

Started Mon 20 Nov 18:00:26 UTC 2017 – Finished Mon 20 Nov 18:07:24 UTC 2017

$ node-red-start
$ cd ~/.node-red
$ npm rebuild
$ sudo systemctl enable nodered.service


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