Strengthen Cipher encryption in WebSphere

WAS side steps:
For the WAS servers, you can remove any 3DES ciphers from the SSL configurations being used by the servers:

How to change strength/customize cipher suite groups in WebSphere Application Server

1. Go to “Quality of protection (QoP) settings” panel by going …SSL certificate and key management > SSL configurations > (SSL config
name) > Quality of protection (QoP) settings

2. On the panel, select “Strong” in “Cipher suite settings” and press “Update selected ciphers” so that in “Cipher suites” section, you will
see strong ciphers in “Selected ciphers” (Right hand side) ”

3. Examine the list of “Selected ciphers” one by one to make sure none of them contain the following strings


If any do, select them and press “Remove” button to remove it from Selected ciphers.

4. Once we have good ciphers in “Selected ciphers”, press “Apply” or “OK” and save the ciphers.


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